What is Orilissa?
Orilissa is specifically made to relieve moderate to severe endometriosis pain. Orilissa is different—it’s not a painkiller, injection, surgery, or birth control. And, it does not contain hormones.

Orilissa was proven to reduce the 3 most common types of endometriosis pain:

  • Painful periods
  • Pelvic pain in between periods
  • Pain with sex*

*Only the 200 mg dose of Orilissa was proven to work for pain with sex.

Orilissa starts working in the body to lower estrogen within 24 hours. However, pain relief will take longer. In clinical studies, Orilissa was proven to provide pain relief at 3 months.

Less estrogen = less fuel for painful endometriosis lesions
Orilissa is available in 2 dosing options: 150 mg (taken once a day) or 200 mg (taken twice a day). Each dose will lower your estrogen by different amounts. Your gynecologist will recommend the dosage that is best for your body and treatment needs.

How Orilissa Works
Orilissa is a pill that dials down estrogen. Lower estrogen levels can help manage endometriosis pain.

There are 2 doses of Orilissa. Each dose lowers estrogen to a different level. Both the pain relief and any side effects you may experience could be different, depending on the dose you take and how your body responds. Your doctor will recommend the lowest effective dose based on your symptoms and treatment goals.

Source: Orilissa Official Website

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