Staying current with the latest advancements in obstetrics and gynecology is vital to EstrogenicA’s superior patient care. BHRT, or Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, is a groundbreaking development in women’s health. EstrogenicA’s therapy using BHRT has been effective in women’s conditions requiring reproductive care. BHRT is an exciting new way to approach the treatment of disorders, from menstrual issues to the symptoms of menopause.

What is BHRT?

BHRT is a type of hormone therapy. It uses synthetic hormones (hormones made in a lab) that are labeled as “bioidentical”. Bioidentical hormones are built to work within a woman’s body exactly as if they were her own hormones. They are exact replicas of naturally occurring hormones.
The ingredients used to make bioidentical hormones come from plant sources, making BHRT an appealing, natural alternative to other synthetic hormones.Their makeup allows for more precise hormone therapy and leads to better symptom management for women seeking relief from hormonal imbalances.

Services & Pricing Guide

Download our Estrogenica Services & Pricing Guide and discover our holistic approach to women’s health, celebrated and trusted by countless patients

Services & Pricing Guide

Download our Estrogenica Services & Pricing Guide and discover our holistic approach to women’s health, celebrated and trusted by countless patients

How Does BHRT Work?

Like other hormone therapies, BHRT works by restoring hormonal balance in women who are making too much or too little of their reproductive hormones. These can include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. While bioidentical hormones are made in a lab like other synthetic hormones, they work more effectively than other synthetic options. Unlike bioidentical hormones, most synthetic hormones aren’t exact replicas of a woman’s natural hormones. However, bioidentical hormones are. Therefore, they can work more effectively in her body than other synthetic options.
An excellent example of this is estrogen. The bioidentical hormone manufactured to replace estrogen is named estradiol. Estradiol is a form of estrogen found in the body. Other forms of synthetic estrogen are named ethinyl estradiol. The compound ethinyl estradiol is not naturally found in the body-it has to be artificially made. The bioidentical version of estrogen is an exact replica of naturally occurring estrogen, while the other synthetic versions are not.

Benefits of BHRT

BHRT regulates hormonal imbalances that occur throughout a woman’s life. BHRT can relieve irregular periods, heavy bleeding, hot flashes, and mood swings.
Since the hormones used in BHRT are identical to those produced by a woman’s body, they are often better tolerated and have a lower potential for side effects. BHRT can more effectively treat the symptoms of reproductive disorders caused by hormonal imbalance.
By mimicking the body’s natural hormones more closely than synthetic alternatives, BHRT works to provide patients with safer and more effective results.
BHRT is its personalized approach to hormone therapy. Through testing, healthcare providers can determine an individualized treatment plan for each woman’s hormonal needs. This allows for targeted hormone replacement that is efficient and safe.

BHRT vs. Other Hormone Therapy Options

BHRT is a promising step forward in treating women’s health issues. This therapy uses hormones that replicate natural hormones within the body more effectively than treatments using other synthetic alternatives.
While both BHRT and other synthetic hormone therapies consistently yield positive outcomes, there are fundamental differences. Other synthetic hormone replacement therapies use compounds that may be a little different than naturally occurring hormones.. In contrast, BHRT uses hormone replicas that are identical to naturally occurring hormones. BHRT offers significant promise as an avenue for improving women’s reproductive health outcomes.

Cost of BHRT

The cost of EstrogenicA BHRT may vary from person to person based on the hormones used, the symptoms targeted, and the patient’s insurance plan. Schedule a consultation with an EstrogenicA specialist to get a quote for your needs. BHRT may be more expensive than other synthetic options.
Many insurance plans do not fully cover the cost of BHRT. It is often considered an elective procedure rather than a medically necessary one.
It’s important to discuss pricing with an EstrogenicA healthcare provider so that one can gain a clear understanding of the cost, potential discounts, and payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions About BHRT

Bioidentical hormones can be given in patches, pills, creams, injections, or gels. This depends on the hormone, individual preference, and the EstrogenicA healthcare provider’s recommendation.
BHRT is an FDA-approved treatment option considered safe for the general public. However, there may be better treatment options for some. Reproductive treatment should be based on a person’s needs and medical history. Women with a history of certain medical conditions may not be viable candidates for BHRT. Patients and their EstrogenicA providers can decide if BHRT is right for them.
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Services & Pricing Guide

Download our Estrogenica Services & Pricing Guide and discover our holistic approach to women’s health, celebrated and trusted by countless patients